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    Question Need Help with simple script!!!

    Hi all,

    Can someone please help me... I KNOW NOTHING about PHP, and normally program with ASP. The problem i have, is simple, I need to create a redirect page. However the server it is for, Will not support asp, and only supports php... The details are as follows...

    A person enters the address,

    The page reads that info and sends the user automatically to

    That is it...

    IN ASP the script would be as follows
    dim members
    members = request.querystring("ID")
    Responce.redirect("" & members & "/index.html")

    simple... however i need it is php, can someone help me...

    I look forward to your replies...


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    PHP Code:
    "Location:" $ID "/index.html";

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    Thank you very much, will try that this evening

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    Make sure there are not spaces/returns before <? or after ?> so that nothing is sent before header information. If you do, you will get a message such as "Header already sent"

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