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    Posting/Employee Hiring "Manners" Or Lack there of.

    I have posted/responded to a number of threads on this board and one thing I have seemed to notice ( that is also mirrored IRL )

    People seem to have a distinct lack of respect for a persons time.

    Countless times I have emailed people about projects and such and I have never gotten a "Im sorry but I found someone else".. This is mirrored in the posts here online.. You will rarely find a Request For BLANK.. Followed up with a "Sorry filled this job".

    This also happens in the real world.. I remember looking for a job years ago and almost every interview was followed up with SOMETHING.. Even if it was just a little post card saying "Im sorry but you did not qualify"

    Last time I looked for a job... applied to 10-12 companys, got 1 response and that was from the company that hired me..

    I mean really people.. If a person takes the time to email/interview with you.. the LEAST you can do is respond in some manner.

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    I wish more people were like you. I would aprreciate a quick mail saying thanks for your time however we have found X as our hosting provider. It would be even better if they explained why they choose X over us, so we could then change our services to suit. (But I guess that's pushing my luck)

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