Hi all,

I've installed SMF 1.1.5, and I like the feel of it. However, I had a question regarding the possibility of multilingual use, and I posted a message on the SMF community baords. However, if the mods here don't mind, I'd like to post the same question here, in case someone here has an answer for me yet doesn't necessarily read the SMF boards. Thanks!

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Please move if not the correct board for this question.

I was wondering if the following was possible:

In Gallery2, there is a plugin which allows you to specify (or in other words, translate) the captions and titles of the pictures, so that a user logged in in English will see "This is a picture of a cat.", whereas one in Spanish will see "Eso es un foto de un gato." and someone logged in in French will see "Voici une photo de un chat.". You get the idea. Obviously, the admin or moderator has to manually translate, but it's actually pretty neat. Is there something similar for SMF/ So that the Categories, Board titles, and descriptions, will show in the apprpriate language for the user? yes, I'm aware that I will then likely have different language posts in the same board that not everyone will be able to understand, but that's ok by me. I personally would prefer that than to having to create 3 different boards, for English, French and Spanish, but that were otherwise identical. I don't know how the users would react, but we'll see...

So, does anyone know if there's some relatively easy way of doing this (via an add-on of some sort, or some minor programming changes)?

Thanks for your help,