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    cogent price hike

    k... i was thinking... very hard... (and had bumped into an old article about cogent accidentally (

    and... well... i just realized that cogent's connectivity services are all based on month-to-month terms... none are term contracts such as a year/etc... i mean, they do have the 'bonuses' (6th and 12th month free) for being on the network for a year n such... but still, they are month-to-month contracts... so if cogent increased their prices, wouldn't the prices of even existing clients go up? i always thought no... but i had always assumed annual contracts/etc... but i just realized they aren't...

    heh, if the month-to-month prices go up, lotsa ppl gonna have boo-boos... financially... lol

    also noticed their gigabit service for service providers went up to $30,000 from $20,000 ... heh... anybody with an older GigE wanna tell us what they're paying per month now? i am guessing $20,000? or $30,000? i'd think a company would not increase on old clients out of business ethic... so...

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    I can only speak of our contract with them where they "reserve the right to change the rates and charges for any renewal term (in our case 1 year) by providing you sixty days written notice in advance of the effective date of the change".
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