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    Media script / MP3 script

    Self-Updating Seo Friendly Media Script just $10

    RSS Crawler is a media script based on RSS auto-update technology. Depending
    on the amount of feeds, this script is compatible of indexing thousands and
    thousands of items on a daily basis.

    Script Features

    Self-Updating - This script is a media RSS script that indexes hundreds
    of items per day! We only have around 30 feeds added, so with more feeds, you
    can expect alot more items on a daily. Cron includes load balancing, designed to
    check all feeds on a daily without overloading your server. Designed to run on
    an hourly basis.

    SEO Friendly - There is a mod_rewrite system so links are completely
    search engine friendly.

    Embed Videos - For sites that use embed codes to
    display their (non-flash) videos, this script can crawl these pages for the
    links and embed them directly on your site!

    Categories - Includes ability to add/delete/edit categories and assign
    RSS feeds to categories.

    Members Management - Users can register on the site and post comments on
    videos and mark favorites.

    Referrals Tracking - Track incoming site referrals to the script.

    General Features - Integrated Contact Us form, Comments, Most Popular,
    Statistics, Forgot Password, User Favorites, and more.

    Admin Panel - Easy to use administration panel for managing content,
    feeds, categories, users, and script settings.

    Unique Layout - Script includes a clean 100% unique layout for the main
    front-end and admin panel.

    Front End:

    Back End: (Pass: rsscrawl)

    Approx Size: 71.7 KB

    Rights: 1 Domain

    Requirements: PHP4 or higher, MySQL

    Delivery: Instant download after purchase.

    Price: $8.00

    Purchase: BUY NOW

    MP3 Searcher (files are not hosted on your server)


    + SEO Friendly Urls
    + Autosuggest
    + Dynamic Titles
    + RSS Feed
    + Sitemap
    + Easy install
    + Your tags
    + Users
    + Comments
    + Pages adding via admin panel
    + License for unlimited domains
    + Admin Panel

    Only $8.00



    Login: Admin
    Password: Admin

    Script requires:
    PHP4 +

    Purchase: BUY NOW

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    I am interested in MP3 Searcher but the demo is messed up. Can you please Pm me your MSN?


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    Sorry i don't have MSN.

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    Unfortnately, This script does not belong you nor do you have the right to sell this script. I have Pm'ed the Mods here for this.

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    Andrew.S i appreciate your concern for people passing scripts off as their own without the right, but i don't appreciate your allegation at all a pm would of sufficed.

    The owner of the script is who owns

    Contact him to see if i brought resell rights.

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