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    liquidweb review

    Just thought It was time to give another review of my experiences with liquid web. The last review I wrote was about 18months ago.

    I have been running a small web hosting business for the last 6 years, & I have been a customer of liquidweb for just over 3 years. I have had a dedicated server with liquidweb (since April 2005) and also now have a VPS from them since August 2007.

    Before using liquidweb for a dedicated server, I used a variety of reseller accounts, & also several VPS from different providers.

    The main reason I chose liquidweb for a dedicated server provider was because I required a fully managed dedicated server (as my knowledge of linux is fairly limited). I also liked the fact that they have 24 hour telephone support. Liquidweb seemed to have a fairly good name at WHT.

    Price was also a factor. I wasnt looking for the cheapest dedicated server out there, but I didn't want to pay too much either.

    While other providers appeared to have cheaper offerings at first glance, by the time extras such as extra RAM, RAID 1, additional backup drive, off server backup space etc. was added to the price, 9 times out of 10 liquid web came out cheaper than the competition. They even worked out cheaper than most unmanaged server providers, by the time extra's were factored into the cost.

    My first server with liquidweb was configured as follows:

    Dual AMD Opteron 1800 mHz CPU.
    2gb RAM
    RAID 1 with 120gb Hard Drives.
    Additional 120gb backup drive.
    Additional 50gb off server storage for backup.
    1200gb in, 1200 gb out bandwidth.

    I had this server from April 2005 till August 2007 before I decided to upgrade the server. During this time, there was only one instance of about 15 - 20 mins of downtime that could be attributed to any sort of failure with liquidweb (apparently due to a lightning strike on the data centre).

    There were also some other brief periods of other downtime, however this was caused either by a customer who uploaded a script that was using all the CPU & RAM, and also a couple of instances where hackers gained access to the server by hacking in through a site builder (that had a security hole) which was installed on some of my customers sites. They were then using the server to bulk send spam. I do not attribute any blame on this to liquidweb at all.

    In each of these instances I was able to phone liquidweb & get the problem resolved rather quickly. In one case the technician spent over 45 mins on the phone with me while we did a search & destroy operation to locate & delete some scripts that had been uploaded by a hacker to several web sites for the purposes of sending spam.

    If it was not for the script & hacking problems, total downtime during the 2 & a bit years I had the first server would have been a total of around 15 - 20 mins caused by the lightning strike. The server did experience over 365 days of uptime without even a re-boot.

    In August last year I decided to upgrade my server to a new server with the following specs:

    Dual AMD Opteron 2000mHz Dual core CPU's (4 cores total).
    4 gigabytes RAM
    RAID 1 with 160gb Hard Drives.
    Additional 160gb backup drive.
    Additional 50gb off server storage for backup.
    2400gb in, 2400 gb out bandwidth.

    At the time I upgraded, I Had intended to keep both servers current until I had time to transfer all my customers from the old to the new server. I had expected this to take about a month, however because of illness, it ended up taking over 2 months.

    I had paid for my old server 12 months in advance, so when it was time to shut it down, I asked if the balance of the amount I still had owing (which was about 9 months) could be transferred to my new server. To my surprise, instead of just crediting my account with the 9 months that was due, my account was credited with the full 12 months that I had pre-paid (meaning I got 3 months free on the old server). I neither asked for or expected this. I bet not too many providers do that!

    Since getting my new server, I have not had any downtime at all. So in the 3 years I have been with liquidweb the total downtime which could be attributed to liquidweb has been in the order of 15-20 mins (from a lightning strike). There have been no other network or hardware problems at all!

    I have also had a VPS with liquidweb for the last 10 months, and have also not had any downtime at all (both my VPS & server are monitored every 3 mins through HTTP, so if there was any downtime I would know about it.

    In conclusion:
    Value for money: 9/10
    Compare the server features, quality of data centre, quality of support etc with other hosting companies, & think you will find them very hard to beat.

    Data Centre & Network uptime: 9.5/10
    In 3 years there has only been aprox 20 mins downtime that was data centre or network related due to a lightning strike during a severe storm!

    Server / Network Hardware: 10/10
    I can only base this on the fact that in 3 years I have not experienced any hardware failures on either of the 2 servers or the VPS I have liquidweb. I have not physically inspected their server or other equipment to see what actual hardware is used.

    Support: 9.5 / 10
    No matter what time of the day or night I have phoned, the phone is always answered. Staff are very helpfull & friendly, & will spend whatever time it takes to resolve the problem (even if I have created the problem myself)! I have spent over 45 mins on the phone with a technician on occassions. Email support is not always as quick as I would like (usually replied to within 2 hours but usually less than 1 hour), but if it is urgent I always phone anyway.

    As you can probably guess from the above revue, I am a big fan of liquidweb. But I am only a fan because I have received great service & support over the 3 years I have been a customer with them. I can also sleep soundly at night, or go away for a weekend without having to worry that I will have a horde of angry customers because of downtime when I wakeup or return from my weekend away.

    I have nothing else to gain from writing this revue, other than a big thank you to the management & staff of liquidweb for a job well done. If things stay this way, I can't imagine ever being tempted to try any other VPS or Dedicated Server provider.

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    nice revue

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