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    Is SEDO Trustworthy?

    I've parked some names at SEDO and I decided to check on them. I saw they had an optomizer which was pretty cool, so I tried it and I had optomized them with words I thought were good.

    SO, it had been a few months, and decided to go check it out. And the optomizer settings were different.

    THEN, I go and check on the sites themselves, and I notice they are NOTHING LIKE the pages I had configured. THey looked TOTALLY different.

    I wrote to SEDO, and they wrote back that they were doing some sort of "TEST" optomization and it had been going on for about a week, and had 3 more weeks to go.


    Why wasn't I ven notified about this? I I NEVER gave them permission to hi-jack my pages and put on what they wanted once I set them up.

    It really ticks me off, MAINLY because I was never even notified of this so-called "Test Optomization". I didn't opt-in, and I should have been given the option to.

    In the reply, it also stated that my revenues COULD go down because of it, and I have the option of opting-out of this so-called test. It would have been nice to know what's going on with my own sites.....

    Anyone know of better parking places, or is it better just to do your own parking with something like google adsense?

    Anyone trust SEDO?

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    I am using SEDO from many years and seems all fine with them, yes few domains didn't show the result which i set in keywords.

    from one month I use my custom script to park two domains and use adsense and i got more then sedo pay me.

    step by step i am adjusting domains with my script but few domain which i want to sale using sedo will stay there.

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    it took me about 3 months to get one unique click, .04 cents. ha!
    SEDO is ok, just too crowded.

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    click rate base on keywords or country from clicked. may be on some clicks you get .08 cents or more.

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    from my experience sedo is good to sell domains but bad to monetize type-in traffic

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    Sedo are a pretty awful company.

    Their domain parking doesn't yield as good results as does (as an example), and quite a few 'buyers' on Sedo are non-paying bidders. In fact, 75% of my sales on Sedo have been to non-paying bidders. And their support ignore me every time.

    Luckily, has recently been launched, offering a commission free auction place for short domains.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChicksHateMe View Post
    Why wasn't I ven notified about this? I I NEVER gave them permission to hi-jack my pages and put on what they wanted once I set them up.
    Did you read there TOS?

    They send out quite regularly emails what's going on, maybe they landed in your spam folder.

    Sedo is good if you have many international visitors, especially Asia.

    I moved most domains to trafficz and they perform there much better.

    Most bad things you read about Sedo is from ex-employees which operate now there own business...

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    Sedo isn't the best that's for sure. We've started using tdnam instead.

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    I HATED GODaddy for the longest time. Especially when I would ask and question, and the email replay was ONE HUGE AD, and my support answer was lost at the bottom. I felt the CUSTOMER should come first. Not the Ad's. And, although their sites are still overbearing with the ad's at times, I find they've gotten better.

    I actually have customers who I send there for inexpensive hosting when I feel they are the type that would be doing a lot of emailing, so that I don't have to deal with IP blocking.

    I am considering moving everything of mine to them even. I don't like the fact that StarGate sold out, and not just sold out, but sold out of country. I want my stuff help by an accountable US company.

    That brings me back to SEDO. I tried them (twice now) because they had an office in MASS (MY State), but I trust them, and many others less and less. I am working on my own ways of Parking Pages, but may keep SEDO for actual sales. I think they are one of the more reasonable when it comes to the sales price. . Them or I guess.

    But a funny thing happened after I wrote the ticked-off letter to SEDO, they put my site parking back to how I had set it up, and the clicks returned. I don't trust them, and really feel my sites were hijacked for a while.

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