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    Will this work fine?


    I am ordering a budget Server. Pentium 4 , 2.8GHZ and 768MB ram.

    I am looking for a cheap and light control panel therefore I have shortlisted "LXADMIN" which I have been using previously on all my VPSes. (This also means less trouble in importing websites to this server) But the Lxadmin support staff tells me that it would be a better idea to order HYPERVM and then create one VPS for urself. That would turn out to be cheaper without much performance losses. (He says only 10mb ram used by HyperVM)

    Therefore, Can you please confirm this kind of a hypothesis that it does not lead to a large difference in performace if i run a low-end dedicated by creating another VPS from it?

    Also, which one is better? XEN or OPENVZ?

    The pros for this system are: I can always create more VPSes for testing purposes. And moreover I keep control of the server all the time and if the server hangs due to overload , then i can access hypervm and simply reboot. This is not possible if have only a control panel .

    Please recommend?


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    I prefer openvz over xen...

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    OPENVZ should be better choice. I have seen users more comfortable with this one.
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    I agree, openvz would be a better choice.

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    Guys, WOULD it affect performance?

    NO virtualisation vs virtualisation ?

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