I have narrowed it down to selecting between:

1) idevaffiliate
3) OSIAffiliate (omnistare)
4) Post Affiliate Pro

Which is the best? I want it to be easy to use for the admin and easy to use for the clients. Nice reporting and I would like to be able to use a easy to remember URL such as www.domain.com/maryglass or www.domain.com/homeparty/mary glass. I would also like to be able to offer multiple commission percentages based on the amount you sell.

For example:

We are using CRE Loaded v 6.2[SP1]

My wife is going to start offering "online home parties" with her online store where someone will sign up to "host" a party. They will invite their friends to the online party which will last for two weeks. The "host" will give their friends a simple url to use such as www.website.com/maryglass. When their friend purchases a product and uses the given URL....the "host" will get credit for that sale.

We will then give the "host" credit for merchandise based on the below scale:

If their two week party has sales (before taxes/shipping) of:
$200 - $499 = They will get 10% of their sales in free merchandise
$500 - $999 = They will get 15% of their total sales in free merchandise
$1,000 and up = They will get 20% of their total sales in free merchandise

I just want something that will keep track of the sales for each host. I would also love for the "host" to be able to login to an account to see how much they have sold so far.


We won't actually pay out any money in commissions....we will just manually credit their account with credit for free merchandise.