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    How much to start?

    How much initial capital to start up typically?

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    What are you looking to do?

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    You can start as low as $0.99. Hosting has a very low barrier to entry.
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    $20 and a lot of time
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    lol, you can attempt to do it for $20 but odds are you won't be overly pleased in the end, nor will your clients.

    Quick list of the top of my head to get started:
    - Server
    - Billing / Support / etc (WHMCS for most)
    - Sitebuilder License
    - SSL cert
    - Video Tutorials
    - HostLegal docs
    - Domain Reseller Account
    - Merchant Accounts
    - Website / Logo

    That list could go on and on depending on how much $ you're willing to spend from the start.

    Best of luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpbdesigns View Post
    How much initial capital to start up typically?
    I think really there isn't an answer for that. Take the previous posting's list, then add in your own items, and total everything up. The sky is the limit really..., Shared, Reseller, & VPS

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    You can get a good reseller plan at 20$, and get a custom site designed for 100$ and you are done. Other things will come with time... | HostGamma Europe | HostGamma Asia
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    i would say to start a 'real' host, about $5,000

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    it is unclear what you are going to start. assuming that you wish to start a website, it can be even done for free (e.g. using google resources, yahoo geocities, etc). of course you need to spend lot of time in preparing the site and advertising it.
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    Whatever your aiming for ?
    it is most likely that 'Working Capital' requirements, will be much greater
    than your 'Start Up Capital'.

    Maybe your first investment should be a 'Starting your own business course'.

    or failing that do some research here at WHT, look at the offers page, research resellers forum, research this forum.

    Please clarify to yourself what your aiming for, before investing any money, even if it's only 99c
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    Depending on what you want to sell depends on where to start. I started with only shared hosting and a $20 reseller and grew and grew. Now hosting pays all my bills
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    I recently started up, and so only spent $350+ (including website design, software licenses, advertising etc).

    As mentioned above, if you were really serious about starting up (i.e. you were happy to start off with a dedi, pay some part time sales staff etc), you could easily pay $x,xxx

    Although, if you were happy to code and design the website yourself, and didn't want to pay out for advertising and software licenses, your only start up cost could be the reseller account itself... so, ~$15 per month.
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    I started mine when I was still a student, the cost was only $4.95/month. I was merely hosting for less than 3 clients when I started, no billing, no client area.

    So, I would say it all depends on how big you want your hosting business to start with.

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    ~$500 monthy with a dedi box. Start up cost around 4K.

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    Actually, I ran the basic numbers on this the other day, and I totalled it at $3,000 for a shared host.

    I will dig up the numbers from somewhere and post it here.

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