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    Review: Dynasty Host

    My website has been hosted with this company for the past month, and I've enjoyed their services.


    -fast and good support
    -relatively fast servers
    -abundant number of auto-install scripts
    -simple but effective control panel
    -excellent pricing


    -I sent an e-mail to the appropriate place to cancel my account. However, it was never canceled, and my online bill stated that I owed them another month's payment. This was amended, though, when I sorted the situation out with live support
    -at one point it took two days to get a reply to a support question. They're usually pretty good, though, answering within five hours

    The parameters of my website has changed, so I'm moving hosts. Besides the period of two days in which there was basically no support, everything was pretty good. I never caught my website offline.

    Well, that's basically it. I probably forgot something, so if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask.


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    Thank you for the information. I will be keeping in mind their services after an informative review..

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    The Dynasty Host support team are engaging and the host is witty and warm. A perfect Friday night crowd pleaser.

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    I've hosted two domains with Dynasty and recommended them to friend who have also used them. Service a year ago when I first went to them was good, no complaints, support could be slow to respond but considering cost I accepted it. Unfortunately in the last 6months the uptimes and response has been appalling. The domains have been down every weekend for the last few months and control panel access seems to have been reset as I now cannot get access.

    I'm currently looking at getting a good resellers package with someone else. There is no way I'm staying with Dynasty and am moving the sites over soon as possible (they're not critical but do need to be moved).

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    quick update, my sites have just come back up online now. after beening down since at least Sat.


    don't use these guys. used to be excellent, now utter rubbish.

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