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Thread: need space

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    need space

    hello all

    i was thinking about building my own server and colocating but just wondering are there any companies out there that offer pretty basic servers with lots of space?

    when i say lots im talking about 3-4TB of space?
    how muchwould something like this set me back do you think? would colocation work out better for me or are there dedicated providers around that can help?


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    It depends what you consider as "basic server" and also if you need management for it or not, if you require a RAID card installed and RAID5 setup, how much bandwidth you need, and so on. With colo you'll probably be paying for any hardware that breaks and quite a bit if you screw up something and you want someone there to fix it for you.
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    If you went to softlayer. it would be $200 a month for just the drives to get 4TB of storage.

    A base server from them costs $159 a month - Fast Reliable File Hosting

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    depending on bandwidth and and whatnot you'd probablly be looking at a few hundred a month and maybe a bit of a setup fee for all the hard drives. itd be cheaper in the long run to maybe colocate but would cost a pretty penny initially build the server. plus if something dies on you then your gonna have to replace it yourself.
    needing lots of hd space isnt as special as you might think and is quite readily available

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    Doesnt sound too bad. I guess I'll have a search around and get some quotes, see how cheap this can actually be. Thanks for the help.

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