I was thinking of starting service provider of online backup service located in USA the data is stored in a vault (off site server)

Data replicated to another server at a another location.

Critical data is 128-bit encrypted, compressed, and then uploaded to a REMOTE server hosted by my company via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) with enhanced security.

The client chooses what kind of encryption they want to use and they choose their Password (I don't have access to this info)
With out their password they can NOT restore their information back
Lose the password and the Data can not be restored its loss
I have no idea what the passwords are.

Now all the info will be stored on this server

The question that comes to mind if the USA Government wanted to look for any information located in this storage server

Can they force the clients to give them access to this data ?

Talking to someone at storage pipe.com

He was saying that in Canada this info is protected and can not accessed by law

He was saying a lot of company's because of this are looking for off site storage in Canada because of this issue.

So from what I can understand if the storage server is located in the USA if the Government wants to look at the files they will force the clients to provide them access to these fies
either by asking or by court order

But in Canada this not an option the files are protected by Law
Now a lawyer I am not be it seems that if the company has nothing to hide it will not be and issue.

But like I said I have no idea what people or company's are backing up.

It can be anything!

All I do is store the backup data.
All I know is the amount(size) of Data stored on the server.

The last thing I need is people banging on my door asking me to access these files.

Now if I had my server located in Canada they would be protected by law.?

Does anyone know the truth on this !

Thanks in advance