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    Logo, Branding Ideas

    I recently purchased under the premise that I feel it is a name that can be brandable if marketed right, any suggetions on who to go with for logo design/marketing? I was thinking of doing it myself but I might want to spend the money.

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    You could have a look at

    I posted a job on there for my logo and got quite a few replies. You'll find if you describe what you've got in mind quite well then people will knock up some ideas to try and get your business.

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    Another vote for, used the web site before for a seperate project that didn't have time myself to complete certain aspects and was quite pleased as well as the customer as was able to meet the deadline as promised.

    However if you have the time & skills, there is nothing better then making it yourself IMO. | Professional Web Hosting Solutions
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    We're just finishing up our 3rd of 3 logo's from

    The only thing I would suggest against is the whole "rush order" thing. Aside from receiving initial concepts fast, you're then looking at daily revisions.

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    I've worked with Logogenesis in the past with positive results.


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    Oh yeah, I'll vote for as well. There are some great people on there., Shared, Reseller, & VPS

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    Quote Originally Posted by qualityinterfaces View Post anyone ever use them?
    A developer I'm working with works for a firm that used them before, and they seem really good (but obviously expensive). For example, I contacted them for a quote for a one-page design (for a MMORPG) and they said it'd be $1,500. Although overall they are amazing designers IMHO
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    yea I heard they were pricing, but good, i requested a quote and am waiting to hear back.

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    You may also want to check out which used to be the logo contest section on Sitepoint. You'll get many graphic designers working for you depending on the prize of the contest.

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    Have someone design a logo for you. If you're not artistically gifted you'll spend far more time than the money it would cost you. The logo is what your brand is built around and important to have right.
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    Just remember that branding is more then just a logo.

    A good book to read is the 22 Immutable Laws of Branding.
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