I have a Raq 4i. Over the past 8 months since getting my Raq I have installed quite a few add ons. To name most of them: Patches, MRTG, Neomail, MySQL, MailScanner, TBaV, SpamAssassin and I do not recal what all else. We just signed up a new account today and his PC had a nasty virus infection. He appears to have figured it out now but I am getting warnings from the Raq about disk space. Its Quarintine is loaded full and the Outgoing Queue is full not to mention a bunch of mail boxes. I think we are going to be alright though and over the next week it should be cleaning all of these out itself. A CRON job cleans the quarintine. What I was wandering though is if when installing all these add ons in the Raq if they left a bunch of temp files laying around. If so how do I find and delete them to free up space?