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    Starting hosting business

    What things should I consider and take care of if I am going to start a new hosting business?

    Please help

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    thats a very broad question, you might want to read some other posts similar to what you are asking..

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    Before you start a web hosting business, you need to look at a few things. First, you need to understand that if you are serious about your business, you will devote as much time to it as it needs. This can be very tough for people who have tight schedules. Second, I know a few people who refer to their business as a "hobby." No person in their right mind would host with someone who refers to their hosting company as a "hobby." Third, you will need the resources it takes to start a hosting company (servers, software, staff, and money). This can be difficult for a lot of people, as nothing is cheap in this industry.

    Well, that's my two cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bizcredit View Post
    What things should I consider and take care of if I am going to start a new hosting business?

    Please help
    FIRST...come up with a business plan. This can't be stressed enough, have a plan in place before you ever get your first customer! Know how much you are planning to spend, what is the break down in profit/sales/expenditures/plan prices/etc., how you plan on supporting your customers, what services you want to provide, where and how you are going to market your hosting business, etc. The more in depth your plan is, the better chance you did your homework and understand what you are really getting yourself into and can prepare yourself to what the road ahead will take you. Remember web hosting is just like any other business in this world, you have to give it your complete all if you want it to be successful.

    Once you got the plan, you should have a good idea on where and how you will be setting up your web hosting business. Ie...if you are low on budget, and already knew that with the business plan you came up with, get a reseller account and work your way up. This will give you experience, as well as lower the cost of getting the necessary tools to provide web hosting service as well as building the recurring income you need to stay in business and grow.

    Other things to note...look at what kind of software you will use to bill/manage and use to support your customers. By being as automated as possible, it lowers the amount of manual work you have to do, thus saving you time = money.

    Your question was pretty broad, as there just is so much that I could write about that you need. Research, research, research, there is quite already a good amount of information that is already available online to point you in the right direction from which control panel to where to market. Good luck with everything! | Professional Web Hosting Solutions
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    I hate to have to ask this in another's thread, but it does relate. What are the legalities to setting up an online business? By this, I mean business registration and taxes.

    Is there any guide or so that could help? I've researched the industry, just need the know the legal parts

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    Legalities vary from country to country, check out your tax man, your bank manager & your accountant, squeeze them for 3 info, or at least get them to point you to the best websites for the information you want.

    re. the OP, idealy treat your 'start up' like decorating the house, preperation, preperation, preperation, then patience.
    Don't expect to be making money from day 1, or week 1 or month 1 or quarter 1, allow 12 months before you expect any real return.

    Good luck
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