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Thread: G4, Mac OSX

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    G4, Mac OSX

    I just got a G4 from a friend so i can learn Mac-ese. In the disk utility, I am verifying the disk (which as far as I gather is de-fragging it) and it won't verify. I says I need to repair the disk, but the repair disk function is not available. What gives?
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    To repair the startup disk (which is closer to scandisk than defrag) you need to boot off the install disk, select disk utility from the utilities part of the toolbar and run it from there. OS X can't verify the disk it booted off.
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    You may also wish to check out DiskWarrior if the problems are severe and Disk Utility can't handle them; it's helped me fix HD problems Disk Utility wasn't able to repair on numerous occasions.

    Also, I don't think verifying the disk defrags it, it merely verifies permissions AFAIK.

    Could you provide us with the errors (if any) Disk Utility gives you when you attempt to verify the disk?

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