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    please comment on names4ever

    are they really charing 7.95 even i register just 1 name?
    wat are the features they support?
    are they good?

    coz currently i'm with namecheap so....

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    I buy from them since they are cheaper than GoDaddy, no support and they try to call you and sell you hosting for $5.95 per month

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    Sorry about opening an old thread, but I just purchased from Names4ever and the $7.95 domain does not include support for a nameserver. WTF so I had to pay $19.95 made a loss on this domain spose I should have read the site better!

    Remember that the domain only plan does not give DNS support which is what you need for web hosting with us or anyone else. There is no web hosting ability for the domain only plan. All your doing is taking a domain name off the market so know one else can use it. Not even you.

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