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    Transfer from old host


    I need some help to find a good managed server.

    My new host seem a good support as i read in WHT but for some reason my ticket for transfer have been back and ford and the transfer still not progress after 2 week so i need some advise on which is the good managed can set up the new server and do the transfer for me on WHT so i can transfer the whole thing in 3 day, my old site not much , just a vb board and the database more than a gig. Thank in advance.

    server spec i purchased on the 12 of last month, it almost a month, look like i lost the whole month and get nothing.

    Dual Xeon 3.06 Ghz DUAL CPU
    2GB DDR2 RAM
    250GB SATA
    2000GB BW/MONTH
    5 IP Adresses

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    why not try a whm to whm transfer yourself?
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    I can afford only $20 just to setup the server and the transfer . thank .

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    domainwala: sorry but i can't understand what whm stand for .

    the server i purchased above have no cpanel or anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lazz View Post
    , my old site not much , just a vb board and the database more than a gig. Thank in advance.

    This seems to be very easy job for an experienced personnel. You have onoy one site to transfer? Any control panel in the server?
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    Hi Bobby!

    I already purchased the dedicated server last month, but i have been wait for three week for the transfer from the new host but what i got is seem promised but no progress, and i have already cancelled my old host so i got couple more day to transfer before it shut down. I think i just need a manage company like you said.

    Matt: The server just plain, no control panel, if someone can setup the account then i can do the restore or transfer database by myself .

    thank you you guy.

    if it at wrong forum, please move to the right one, thank.

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    Yup, you might just need a server management company, so check out the System Management Offers or posts in the Requests... but come to think of it, just compute what is cost effective for you, if you will just transfer to a real managed hosts.

    Good Luck,


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    Thank you Bobby!

    I'll look in that forum, actually the server that i purchased they offered full managed and i have been research before i bought it, the review all come back unstill i experienced myself, seem like even some good review host in here still can't trusted . thank .

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