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    Best POP3 email company for the money? with good support!

    We are a school and looking to find POP3 email services for our teachers and students. We will need about 350-500 email accounts. Unlimited BW would be great and at least 100MB per mailbox. Webmail is also a must.

    Can anyone recommend a company that can provide these services?

    We want to go with a company that can provide good support when we need it. We will manage the emails thru their control panel but we will need great uptime and support when things go wrong.

    We will also need a company that will allow us to use their SMTP servers.

    I have seen a deal on iweb and sherweb, but don't know if their are others out there.

    Any thoughts or recommendations?


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    chool and looking to find POP3 email services for our teachers and students
    As non-profitable organization you can try the Google Aps.
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    Google Apps is great, check it out @
    hi there!

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    What is your budget?

    Kind Regards,

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    Are you guys looking for provide free email services or something like that? I think that in such case you need to consider dedicated server for that. - a true hosting company offering online presence solutions since 1998.
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    I'm assuming you're looking for a managed solution. So if for whatever reason, Google doesn't fit your requirements (which it should).

    There are places that specialize in mail hosting.

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