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    * LiquidWeb OR ServerBeach

    I am looking at a dedicated server from serverbeach or a vps from liquidweb

    "web stuff"
    i run a website in which only my friends could access
    the site is using gallery with about 3,000 pictures from local car shows

    the monthly visits is under 80

    "email stuff"
    one important thing is eye candy
    which one has a better email gui because i am willing to pay up to $100.00 per month for a flashy email gui

    currently hosted with and they suck and my friends showed me 2 programs called zimbra & smartermail which look so cool and they told me you need a server or vps

    and if you are wondering i am a college kid so that's why this post sounds so stupid but it's real

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    Both of those solutions would allow (and, coincidentally, require) YOU to run your email GUI. Bear in mind you'll need to choose the operating system you prefer -- Zimbra would need Linux, Smartermail needs Windows. Both those software packages have a 'free' version, I believe.

    As for power - both your options would be able to handle the usage you've described.. so go for price, I guess.

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    With the budget you've listed, you might be better off just getting managed Zimbra hosting from someone and not have to worry about installation, configuration and management of the infrastructure. There's a list of hosted Zimbra providers at Pricing details seem to be somewhat scarce, but several of them list packages that start around $45/month.

    As for the website component, a VPS should be plenty for this. Again, going with a managed VPS might be a good idea unless you want to experiment/learn about server administration.

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    Sounds to me like you need a VPS, not dedicated.
    My personal favorite for vps is, but there are other good ones to choose from too.
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    the monthly visits is under 80
    You don't need a dedicated server or VPS. Disregard these suggestions. Nor do you need Zimbra or Smartermail, even though it looks cool.

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    assuming you are planning to expand, go for a managed vps... much less hassles and price...
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    If you are able to find dedicated server for your budget it will be more good than a vps. Vps will have some resource restrictions that may affect very busy sites.
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    If you're looking for some cheap ones, check, renting small server from there. The only issue so far is packet losses.

    I've just got server from LiquidWeb, can't tell you much about them yet, but compared to my previous provider (SoftLayer), their network is better. Support? There are few people who don't know anything (at least couldn't help me) about server(s). But it's not a big issue (ticket resubmit always helps, gets assigned to other guy).

    I'd recommend you to take a look at as well, been using them for 1-2 years. I have left them after Pugmarks acquired them for some reasons. Before accuistion, their support was fantastic, now don't know :-)

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    I would recommend a VPS from a provider that offers the SmarterTools bundle, which gives you a 50-Domain copy of SmarterMail for free. Just get the cheapest VPS from the most reliable provider you can find if the only thing you're going to be doing is e-mail.

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    May be Amazon Ec2 fits the bill the here. Within 80$ you get powerful server unlike other VPS

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    I think LiquidWeb would be the best solution due to the fact that it owns and manages it's own DataCenter

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