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    How do you get your pagerank up?

    Tell me, what are the main key factors on getting a good pagerank?
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    Someone with more knowledge please correct me if I'm wrong... but in essence, to get a high pagerank you need to have a link to your site on other websites with a high pagerank. This is why you see these new link ad programs everywhere. Instead of charging per click or view, they charge a flat monthly rate to put your link on hundreds or thousands of their sites.

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    Be sure you don't get in a rush. This is a VERY common mistake. By all means have a consistent plan to get more links over time. But also combine this strategy with building a high quality resource.

    Every link counts, but certainly the higher pagerank links count more. You might want to start out submitting to some directories if you haven't already done that.
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    Thank you for the good responses
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    Well, if you want to get good page rank then you have to get good quality back links. also try to submit your site to free directories and get some back links from high PR site. it will help you to get good PR. good luck

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    First off dont worry about toolbar PR. Common mistake for newbies. Instead worry about the 3 core components of SEO:

    1. Relevant authoritative back links. Link baiting and social media.
    2. Accessibility in themed structure. Making your website easy to crawl and index. Information architecture is key.
    3. Basic on-site SEO factors. Fresh original content.
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    How do you get your pagerank up?

    I have good idea to increase page rank you should increase bank link...

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    I use to have link exchange with some site having page rank more than 4 and at the next update my page rank goes to 2 or 3 and its a good way

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    The most important thing you must understand when working with link popularity is that every page is treated as a separate entity. What this means is that internal links, that is links between the pages of your site, do count. In fact search engines make no distinction between those links and links from other outside pages. This is something that many people get hung up on, they do not understand why search engines would count internal links. What they don't realize is that there is really no way to tell if a link is from an internal or external page, since some sites span multiple domains and multiple sites can exist on one domain. As such optimizing your own internal site links can be as important as gaining new links from other sites.

    Another issue that some people get hung up on is that they think that reciprocal links can hurt you, meaning if you link to a page that links to you then you will be punished. This is not entirely true. Search Engines actively seek out artificial linking schemes and some link exchanges can be seen as such, however they usually just devalue the links rather than penalize the sites involved. So while link exchanges are good, they should be entered into with some trepidation.

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    Page rank is relevant? gives power for position in google? I have domain PR4, but other domains with 3 or 2 are higher in the rankings;

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    backlink or inbound link from high pr website.

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    You get a lot of backlinks and it is best that these backlinks come from sites that have a high pr in themselves with a lot of good backlinks to them.

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    Greetings hostblu,

    To increasing PR of your site, you should start post your link at high PR and niche sites. Optimize the content and meta keywords of your site.


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  15. In addition to acquiring backlinks from sites with a high PR, a good site structure to aid the google crawler is advisable.

    For example, level 1 pages linking to level 2 etc , plus backlinks within your site.

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    I'm still confused a little, like when you say "i'm sorting the site forum SEO" is that just to get a better page rank? Can someone explain it properly?

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    I would suggest that focusing more on better or top SERP placement for your keywords is the better option - as this would mean more traffic - Internet Marketing and SEO

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    .....Yup Buddy !! I agree with you.


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    This is a really good resource to increase page rank, thanks everyone.

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    IMO the very best thing you can do for your site is to totally ignore PageRank until you have lots of good relevant rankings.

    Then you can put the frosting on the cake and start looking for links from pages with the following qualities:

    1. Pages that have a good PR themselves
    2. Pages which do not use javascript or the nofollow attribute on their links
    3. Pages with few outgoing links
    4. Pages which are indexed in Google
    5. Pages whose content is relevant to your site
    6. Pages who will give you relevant anchor text links (this won't help your PR but it will help your rankings)
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