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    Transfer Domains to a different Registrar

    I have several domains. Some of them have its own nameservers ns1/ I registered through my current Registrar (GoDaddy).

    I want to move those domains to a different Registrar.


    1. Do I have to re-register those nameservers again through the new Registrar?

    2. Will I experience downtime ?

    Thanks for your help.


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    you will get downtime unfortunately.. probably 24-48hours.

    I THINK you will need to re assign the nameservers.
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    I do not believe there will be any downtime here.

    When you use the tools at your registrar to create nameserver, you are actually creating these nameservers at the registry.

    As long as you are not also moving the nameserver to a new IP, I believe there is no downtime risk involved in moving the domain to another domain registrar.

    You should really be asking the gaining registrar in this case however.

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