Hey, All!

I have access to a great domain registrar that uses the logicboxes system for domain registration.

Are you tired of paying a high amount to get a decent price from other resellers? Enom is a great reseller but it costs way too much to be competitive. Directi is another great reseller, but it's hard to find great rates with this reseller as well.

As a NetEarthOne reseller, your cost per domain can be as low as $6.95 per .com! NetEarthOne also offers free privacy.

You can sign up under NetEarthOne, but why when I can offer you a better deal!

Currently my initial slab pricing is $8.20 for a .com with no deposit. If you deposit $100, the price for a .com goes down to $7.95, $200 to $7.70, $500 to $7.45, $1000 to $7.20 and $5000 to $6.95.

But here's my deal. I will upgrade your slab to the next level based on your funds deposited by 15May.

That means, if you deposit $100, I'll put you at the $200 slab, $200 at the $500 slab, $1000 at the $5000 slab.

I'll even move you to the $100 slab if you deposit $50.00.

Just sign up at reseller,powerfuldomains.net and then email me your account info once you deposit the funds and I'll upgrade your account!

You can email me at [email protected].