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    I am being offered a co-op position from school, and I'm wanting to learn Dreamweaver, fireworks, Coldfusion, Flex, Spry, and Java. I know a little Java but not a whole lot. Main thing is ColdFusion, I've been looking on the internet, and I haven't been able to find much.

    I was hoping for a beginners book, e-book, or something like that. They want us to know Coldfusion 7, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks at the very least

    I know PHP, HTML, a little ASP 6 and CSS, thats about it, and this company doesn't use any of that but HTML and CSS, they design sites in cfm formats mostly I was told for the position.

    was just wanting to know where I could learn?

    I am so scared I may be getting WAY over my head with this one

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    You can start at the local library or bookstore and pickup a CF book. You can download CF Developer edition for free from Adobe. As to your last statement, "I am so scared I may be getting WAY over my head with this one", I think you are correct if this is an immediate position.

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    You can get many online resources for the cold fusion and if you are using dreamweaver its pretty easy for you to do so.

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