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    hosting package for a reseller beginners

    Could you advise hosting companies, which offer packages, most suitable to start reselling hosting.

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    There are many companies in the reseller sections
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    Yes, I know but I am planning to start reselling web hosting soon and don't know yet how many customers I will have in the future. Is there hosting package, where I can pay for each my customer?

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    I recommend Hostdime. If your budget is low and you don't need phone suport when try Surpasshosting. Also you can find a lot of reliable reseller hosting providers on WHT if you read the reviews.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3DProf4online View Post
    Yes, I know but I am planning to start reselling web hosting soon and don't know yet how many customers I will have in the future. Is there hosting package, where I can pay for each my customer?
    I think you should get a small reseller account and upgrade when you have more customers.
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    I've not heard of a reseller program that allows you to pay per customer. I would start out with a small reseller account and then upgrade. I would try to find the best company to work with and not necessarily the cheapest. You'll end up paying for it in the long run.

    I would recommend They've got fast la servers, great support, decent pricing with a lot of options.
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    I think Hostgator or Jaguar PC are quite good for reseller
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    Then there would be the so called reseller programs, like the ones Resellerspanel or Godaddy offer. There's a lot of freedom you'd be giving up with such programs though.

    Fact is, it takes money to make money. $20-$40 per month for a good reseller hosting package can only be seen as very small investment.

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    I was with Resellers Panel from 8/2004 to 12/2007 and I can say, with complete honesty, that they are a complete waste of time. I always thought that calling the Resellers Panel free program an affiliate program was unjust but, after seeing most of my retail sale get sucked up by the RP money vac, I knew it was time to leave that glorified affiliate program and move on to a company that allowed me to have more control and make more $$.

    I still have clients on the Resellers Panel servers and move them as they renew their accounts. I still get burned by the lack of quality service from RP... there is a feature to turn off account renewals in the hosting control panels which I turned it off in January and the techs override it to allow my customers to renew anyway. Unprofessional. I have to wonder if they are desperate enough for customers that they hope I won't notice that they are trying to take mine away.

    I am currently using Qoozz and, after a couple of bumps and bruises, everything smoothed out and I have absolutely no complaints with them.

    ldcdc hit the nail on the head. It takes money to make it. Spend money on a good paid program... you will be all the happier for it [and have more $$ too!].

    P.S. I had to mention the issues with Resellers Panel here because they love to block posts in their forum. They must not like to read the truth!
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    Before you start; you must think about you are going to resell Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting or both.

    If you are looking to offer both Linux and Windows hosting Hsphere Reselling is good. Yes, for start a fresh you need to understand Hsphere functions closely, but; once you fix and setup you may enjoy complete personallised Hosting reselling like a Hosting company.

    You may start with a smaller package that you will get within $18 - $35 and as your business grow-up you may upgrade to next higher package, that too without changing any account setting
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