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Thread: Shoutcast VPS

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    Shoutcast VPS

    Hi, I'm looking for a VPS provider that i can run atleast 5 Shoutcast servers at once.

    Also can someone please tell me how much RAM a shoutcast server takes up?

    Also the provider needs to be in the USA... Eather located in: California, Seattle, Texas, or Chicago.

    Also my budget limit is $10 to $20

    and the provider needs to atleast provide me 10Mb's upstream since im going to stream 5 shoutcast servers at once.

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    Just looks around! you can also post in the request hosting forums

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    You should be able to run up to 5 servers even on a 256MB VPS, so you're within budget for most providers. ShoutCast server is very lightweight, under 5 MB. Processing power is irrelevant as well, as it takes more to encode the stream than to serve it.

    Your main issue will be bandwidth, as SC uses quite a bit. Even to continuously stream to 1 listener at 96kbps one day is something like 8 GB ((96kb * 86400) / 1024 = 8100mb). Thats around 250 GB per month.

    Try to look for a pay-as-you go streaming provider, it might meet your requirements.

    Also, heck out, they have some bandwidth calculators.
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