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Thread: spam host?

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    spam host?

    I am using ********.net as my Hosting Provider and I have noticed occasional problems when my email was delivered....I recently sent an e-mail to someone and it bounced back and pointed me to

    Take a look at what I got when I tested my static IP address that ******** gave me against their list:
    ( is DNSbl listed. by
    [1] ********, see
    If you're listed by please take this issue up with
    If you're listed by please take this issue up with
    If you're listed by please take this issue up with
    If you're not listed as a or please don't bother the administrator of
    The data in is a composite of all other subzones. This list is used to stop spam from entering's mail servers.
    This is not just a list of open relays. It includes open relays, dynamic IP space proxies, spammers, spamhausen and similar email related problems.
    The home page for this zone can be found by clicking Here For automation purposes download rbcheck for linux

    It pointed me to this site: and this one: (click the link on this one and it will show some info)

    Can anyone tell me what is going on and what I can do about this?


    Why is

    Why is this server on

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    Well ********.net is a great host. As you can see, they are starred out so they broke some rules at WHT. It looks ilke your host has spammed using there ip addresses and these anti-spam lists blocked that ip from sending mail to some people.

    You can't really do anything about it except to move to a diferent host.

    BTW welcome to WHT and this post is in the wrong location.

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    ya like he said its ona black list.
    -Robert Norton

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    This is a wrong forum for your problem!!!

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    Wrong forum

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    its "Website Reviews".... its for you post your site and we say "it sucks" or "nice design"
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