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    Easy PHP Poll script?

    I have checked for a full day at work here and tried tons of different scripts...some come up with errors (i don't know php well enough to fix them), some require databases which I do not have access to.

    What I need is a simple poll/voting script which does not require a database, written in php where people can vote, and the results will either pop up in a small window, or show up parsed where the poll was...or not come up at all, and require a person to click on a "view results" link.

    Anyone got something I can use here? And no, I'm not willing to pay cash...just asking for a little help. It's for a site I'm designing for work so I'm not willing to pay out of my pocket NOR ask them for cash.


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    The Amazing Little Poll is a super simple php script that does what you need. Here's the link: The results come up immediately after voting.

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    Yeah I tried that one...something happened though that I threw it out...can't remember what cuz I tried like 30 different ones. But i'll take ur advice and try it again. Thanx.
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    My guess is your PHP error_reporting is set to E_ALL and you are complaining about the notices it writes to the screen.

    Clarence Eldefors

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    yes...that sounds right...when you hit submit, it shows the results, but has like 4 lines of "something not defined on line ###" or something or other. How do I change that?
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    To change that, you need to add the following line to the top of your script:

    PHP Code:
    error_reporting  (E_ERROR E_PARSE); 
    If that still doesn't work, I *think* that you can use:

    PHP Code:
    error_reporting (0); 
    Note: The latter will turn off all error reporting.

    Hope this helps
    Mark Carruth

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