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    Needed: All-in dedicated server for Mail, Web and Application hosting

    We're seriously considering moving from The Planet immediately. We current host our application server with them which is a Dual Xeon with 2GB Ram, Plesk, Raid 1 73x2 SCSI. It's a great server but their support is really lacking.

    We want to move our Mail, Corporate Website and even the application server on a single server. We don't need a lot of bandwidth but we do need a fast network and a fast Windows server.

    Here are some specs. Suggestions are welcome. We would prefer if the software can be bundled in as part of the lease. Budget is at around $200-$300:


    Dual Intel/AMD
    2GB RAM
    100 GB of space with SATA or SCSI with Raid 1


    Windows 2003
    Symantec or NOD32 Anti-virus
    Control Panel
    SmarterMail 5

    I'd appreciate suggestions. We'd like to make this transition as soon as possible.

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    And what about bandwidth? Guess you will need a large one for entire company's mails...
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    Not really. We're only talking about 20-30 IMAP accounts for now so not more then a few GB's every month.

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    Do you own SmarterMail 5? If not, I would recommend purchasing from a SmarterTools bundle provider. SmarterTools has a bundle with certain hosts to give away free SmarterTools products, including SmarterMail.

    Check out for a list of bundle providers.

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    Will-AH, Thanks for that link. I went through almost all of their partner websites and they all seem to be more expensive then the other providers with the same servers - about 30-50% more expensive.

    WebbyCart, we currently use Plesk so we can either stick to that but I've heard some good things about dotnetpanel

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    I am not too concerned with the control panel - dotnetpanel lease at $30/month gets you the panel and smartertools license. We've got to have SmarterTools because of IMAP Idle. So $30/month along with the server lease is probably our better bet then shelling out a $300 license at one go.

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