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    Angry strange mail server problems


    I am hoping that someone can help out here.

    I have a new server which has its own nameservers up and running. The nameservers are running fine and I know this because I have two domains on this server which are registered to point to the nameservers that I have set up and they are working fine as well.

    However, I can not seem to be able to access the mail server for any of the domains through outlook or other email programs.

    I have the DNS set up for the mail server for each domain as follows: A <ip address> CNAME MX10

    This was set up using the PLESK server admin control panel.

    the 'webmail' feature for the domain works fine when accessed via

    It's just that outlook times out when trying to connect to the mail server.

    I can ping and get a response.

    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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    What errors are printed out when you cant connect. Have you tried telneting to the respective ports?
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    The error simply says 'can't find server'

    I can't telnet to the server either. (port 110 I assume)

    Normally I can't telnet to the server anyway unless I use ssh.

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    If you would PM me the domain name, I will be happy to research it a little further for you.
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    if you can ping, then the dns mut be working or at least in part to resolve the name, If you also pm me the domain I woul dbe happy to help

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    if I stop ipchains, then the mailservers work.

    The command to fix this was:

    ipchains -I input 1 -p tcp --destination-port 110 -j ACCEPT --syn

    This opened the port for pop3

    thanks for all the help!!
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    That's funny. Sometimes I forget to ask. "Does this problem still occur when the firewall is disabled?"
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