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    how to Detect flood ftp.

    Hi ,
    My server run after 10h sevices ftp is down ( network error : connection timed out ) . may be flood ftp.
    how to Detect flood ftp.

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    If itīs a Linux, then you can try

    lsof -i -n -P

    and see connections.

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    The below command will give you the existing ftp connections to the server.

    netstat -plan | grep ftp
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    I think that most effective will be look at ftp logs ;-)
    Also install apf + bfd, it will help you.

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    If you had APF installed you would simply issue a command like this:

    apf -d 60.210.XXX.153

    If you install BFD then it would be done for you automatically at a "trigger level" you can set.

    BFD does a pretty good job as default, but you can customize it to do other things you need through the "rules" scripts.

    BFD can be found at rfxnetworks dot com

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