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    Issues with 2Detailed


    We (Madrid Communications) are clients of 2Detailed and have a server that has been down/offline for nearly 12 hours now. The trouble is that we cannot get through to Larron or anyone at 2Detailed to get the situation taken care of. They are not answering e-mails, have not responded to the trouble ticket, and their phone line is not working (hasn't been all day). We're absolutely stuck and we need this server back up pronto. Does anyone on this board know how to contact Larron or anyone at 2Detailed directly? If so, we would greatly appreciate if you could let them know we need to talk to them ASAP.


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    Several hours later and still no reply (and the server is still down). I don't know what the deal is with these guys. Anyone who has contact information, PLEASE HELP!

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    If its then the following is for them.

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    Contact Made

    They have finally made contact with us. Interestingly, their phone line works now as well. Not sure what happened yet but at least we've made contact. Thanks to anyone who may have been of assistance here.

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