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    Need a good host in europe

    I am looking for a shared server host in Europe (preferably).
    I have been going through these forums for some time now and already got lot of usefull info from here but I decided today it was time to see what others could recommend to use.

    At the moment I have 1 dedicated server with 4TB of traffic on which I host my main website and host my files. I also have 2 shared servers already from which I want to cancell one which is located in the US cause I am not satisfied with it.

    The shared server is only to host files, we use shared servers as additional file mirrors for our main site.
    This means we dont stress a shared server to much since popular files go on the dedicated first and in time are moved to the shared servers as well. We also always provide 2 download FTP's so we always spread "pressure" (a mix of the dedicated and a shared host).

    So, I am looking for a shared server host which allows me to use lets say a minimum of 6TB bandwith each month.
    I would need at least 200+GB of diskspace.
    Also I prefer Cpanel to controle everything.
    I am willing to pay up to 25 dollars a month.
    I care about a good reliable host which is there to give support is needed and doesn't "oversell" etc.
    I rather pay some money for a good shared server host than to go with those cheap ones which only limit you in many ways (we all know).

    I hope someone can give me some examples of good/well known hosts in europe which I check out some more (reviews etc).

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    I'd recommend doing your research on various hosting review sites as well as research on WHT itself. Your budget seems a bit unreasonable for what you are looking for but there are many oversold hosts out there you can go with, but probably you just won't be able to reach the limit they set for ya due to restrictions they have. I'd recommend reading more on "Overselling"

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GRFoxhound View Post
    I would need at least 200+GB of diskspace.
    I am willing to pay up to 25 dollars a month.
    You're not going to find a host that doesn't massively oversell, offering you the resources of a dedicated server for the price of a cheap meal out :p
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    Thanks already for the replies.
    So what both of you are actually saying........each shared server host oversells?
    I fully understand that if so. But I mean you have those that offer 17TB a month and try to get ride of you if you even use 1TB and you have those that offer 6TB and let you use 4TB without to many troubles.

    I am a customer of surpass hosting in the US both for dedicated (in the past) as well as shared server hosting and their shared server plans are very good IMHO. I am using like 1.5 - 2.5 TB of traffic with them each month and we never gotten into any troubles with them.
    I am also a customer of Dreamhost (shared) and I want to stop using them since they offer something nice to start with but as soon as you start using you only get in lots of troubles (slow speeds, downtime etc etc).

    So, even if surpass hosting oversells at least they still offer a great service where others dont.
    And this is what I am looking for in Europe.
    I am paying 200 dollars a month already for my servers and just cant afford another dedi.

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    Fact is, you don't afford what you're using, and you're lucky that some "overselling" hosts do allow you to use a lot of data transfer. You mentioned needing 6TB - in real terms that's a cost of hundreds of dollars, leaving aside the disk space, support etc.

    That perspective should let you judge what a great deal you're getting already.

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    Mann this bandwidth thing is a real pain in the *** to get. I also cannot afford these dedicated server ****. The reason is the monthly fees which they take. I wouldnt pay 200 $ per month when i dont have full control of anything. I mean i may be foolish but i consider buying a server in 1,10,000 RS (2291 $) atleast i wont have to sit like a stupid duck waiting for some ****** upload to be complete. But im quite afraid of the thought of a server, it may require maintainance etc and also initial setup would be difficult, which makes me hesitant about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ldcdc View Post
    That perspective should let you judge what a great deal you're getting already.

    I get your point.
    I just hoped someone with equal great experiences could point me to an equal European host. It seems thats just a no go here cause I keep getting the same replies.

    I will continue my search and hopefully find a good host this month.
    Luckely as a check up this website is great. Thanks to all who post their feedback about hosts.

    And just to get the facts right.
    I use 5 - 5.5 TB of traffic on my dedi.
    1.5 - 2.5 TB on one shared host and 1 TB on the other.

    Fact is, you don't afford what you're using
    Please dont say I am cheap cause I want to use another shared host, I put all I can in my website but sad to say my money doesn't grow on my back.

    Anyway, I have made a selection of 4 hosts now which offer shared hosting for up to 30 dollar.

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    I believe especially the the large amount of diskspace and bandwidth will stop you from finding good european hosts. Overselling is not as popular as in the US (everything just needs to be bigger over there ) while you see more and more going that way (sad but true).

    I believe you better look for a cheap dedicated server if you can afford it. There are plenty of i.e. German Datacenters offering unmetered transfers so that the bandwidth price stays affordable.

    I honestly do not believe you will find any (good) host with 200GB+ and 6TB transfer, you better check the TOS of each provider on the limit of inodes and if you are allowed to store files on it at all. But if you do, please let us all know your experiences.

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