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Thread: MySQL Improved

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    MySQL Improved

    I've been reading the excellent PHP books by Larry Ullman. Today I began working with his PHP5 Advanced book where he uses the "MySQL Improved" function throughout all his tutorials.

    The only problem is he never explains exactly why he uses the improved functions versus the non-improved in his previous books. There is no explanation as what the improved functions do.

    So my question is, should I be rewriting my code for my projects to use the improved functions? I also hear there are settings that need to be done in order to even use the function. Is it worth the time? Is it mature/developed enough to use?


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    in general not just for the improved functions I think that if at each time that you find small improvements (not critical) to your sites you will go back and rewrite your code using the improved way u'll spend your whole life improving code, cause you never stop learning and improving.

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    MySQL 4.1 and higher have new features, which are not supported by the old extension, therefor MySQLi was build.

    The one not mentioned in the above link is support for transactions for the storage engine InnoDB (autocommit, commit and rollback).

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