Who are we?
LicensePal is a certified license reseller for WHMCS, Kayako and ClientExec. We have purchased a high quantity of licenses, giving us the ability to offer prices lower than if you were to buy directly. Being in business for over a year, we are now one of the largest software resellers, and we have hundreds of satisfied customers.


$12.95/month for a leased license (normally $15.95)
$15.95/month for a debranded license (normally $18.95)
$199.95 for an owned license (normally $249.95)
(+ $69.95 for a no-branding owned license)

View http://www.whmcslicenses.com/ for more information.

$33.95/month, $249.95/year or $389.95 owned for SupportSuite (Saving upto 25%!)
$24.95/month, $169.95/year or $234.95 owned for eSupport (Saving upto 25%!)
$24.95/month, $169.95/year or $234.95 owned for LiveResponse (Saving upto 25%!)

View http://kayako.licensepal.com/ for more information.

$6.95/month for a 25 user license (not available directly!)
$10.95/month for an unlimited leased license (normally $15.95)
$159.95 for an unlimited owned license (normally $199.95)

View http://clientexec.licensepal.com/ for more information.

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If you have any questions or comments, feel free to give us a shout on live support or via our ticket system!