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    Linux Server Administrator needed

    I have bought 2 servers which have been already set up. Now I will need a administrator to monitor my system in regular basis.

    My site is simple html and some php, so it will not expect to have any problem. My budget is $30 for 2 servers. I am expecting someone who is individual, live in North America, allow MSN chat if anything happens.

    Please leave a message if interested.

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    I'm interested !!! but PM seems to be disabled for you and your profile do not have an MSN ID .

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    Do let me know if ya still need administration.

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    Feel free to contact us, we would be happy to assist you, Thanks.
    SparkSupport.Com - The Premier Tech Company
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    I am an experienced Linux/Unix sysadmin. Would love to help. Lemme know if u still need someone.


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