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    how do i make the site automatically send out emails

    I have a social site and wanted to make the site send out emails to the members when they get pic comments or regular comments or even a happy birthday from xeleven59 on their bday, how would i go about doing this?
    I also am trying to figure out how to make a flash player work on my video/music part of the site so memebers can search the music and add it to the player so they can make a play list and add it to their profile anyone framiliar with this? or know a developer that is framiliar with this?
    Contact me at [email protected]
    Im kinda looking for a part time developer i need to add some search criteria to my dating part of the site
    Or anyone know any good video chat scripts or even know how to do a peer to peer video chat ?

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    For sending out email, you can use the php email function:

    For music, I recommend you a lot mod_mp3 for apache that is available on most Linux distributions. With it, you can stream directly in winamp (or others). Otherwise, if you are looking to have music simply on a page, use flash.

    For chat scripts, there are tons of them, have a search on

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    making that auto email for that members

    ok i looked at that, but now i have another ? how will it know that memeber got that comment or pic comment or friends request for the email to know it was that memeber to send the auto email to them, i ran into a similiar problem when i did pic comments my first try at it mass commented the entire sites pictures i had help to fix it we had to assign ea pic a number or field i think to fix that.
    and the player im trying to make is just like some kind of funtions memebers can make their playlist from my site and then embed it on their page on myspace ,tagged, xeleven59, etc. i found a player on but not sure how to tie it in and make it so memebers can seach the music on the site.

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    It all depends on the coding of the site.

    Is this a custom script or open available script?

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    it is really depend on the coding of the site as PaulTech said. we need to know at least what is the programming language that you are using, is it PHP, ASP, or something else ?


    you can embed the code for sending the E-Mail in the code that will handle the comment posting.
    so if the member x has commented on a photo that belongs to the member y, then the code that will handle the comment posting should be already knows the user name of the member x and member y and what is the photo that has been commented.

    so, at the end of that code you can put the code that will send the E-Mail to the member y, and you may want to send an E-Mail to all the users who made a comment on the same photo before member x, by getting their user names and E-Mails from the database and make a loop to send them all that there is a new comment.

    I hope that this is what you were asking for, if not let me know

    Best Regards,
    Sweet Sniff

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    Ok thanks guys the script is a php based script, and i was a unfortunate victim of alstrasoft but im dealing with their script and trying to get it to do the auto emails. ok ill look at the comment part of the script and ill look at the code for the pic comments which im pretty sure is from udot open source for pic comments ill have to figure out how to add it to the code i can post the code on here if someone wants to look at it to suggest how to fix it
    again thanks

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    Its just pretty simple you can use php mail function to send emails. Or you can use mail classes to send email with an attachment

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