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    Problems with


    A time ago I had problems with a dedicated server in and thanks to a post in this forum I got an answer from them.
    Right now I have got another dedicated server that is running since a time ago. But today some of my sites started having problems, when I try to get in I get an apache error. For example here is one of the sites:
    I sent many mails to the support (ticket IFY-2620524) and chatted with their live support but the sites keeps not working.
    One of the admins told me that I should add the sites again, wich means that I had lost all the information of my websites!
    I am having problems with my clients because of it so I need to have them running again asap.
    I hope someone from Hostgator reads this and try to help me.


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    Were you hacked somehow? Looks like a DNS issue.

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    Thanks for your answers, Hostgator finally answered my ticket and fixed it
    I don't know what happened

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    Glad to hear you're all sorted out.

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