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    Exclamation Todays Special Offer from

    Hello all,

    Here is todays special offer from

    200 MB Space
    5 GB Bandwidth
    Features on All Plans
    - Cpanel 4.9 Control Panel
    - 99.5% Uptime Guaranteed
    - 18 hours a day guaranteed Technical Support
    - PHP 4.1.2
    - Perl 5.006001
    - Server Side Includes
    - phpMyAdmin
    - FrontPage Extensions
    - Shopping Cart Software
    - CGI-BIN Included
    - Support PHP, CGI, ASP, and other script languages.
    - Full FTP Access
    - E-mail Manager
    - POP3, SMTP and Webmail Access
    - Password-protected Directories
    - Daily Backups
    - Web-based Statistics
    - File Manager
    - Secure Telnet Access
    - Unlimited E-Mail Accounts *Unlimited
    - Unlimited MYSQL Databases *Unlimited
    - Unlimited FTP Accounts *Unlimited
    - Unlimited Sub Domains *Unlimited

    *UnlimitedResource Explanation

    When we say unlimited we mean 2 things.
    1) You can have as many as you want, as long as the amount of space you are allowed does not go over. 2) You cannot abuse this by selling any of your extra resources just because we allow you extra.

    How can we offer unlimited?
    Quite simple, we pay to have the software installed on our server ... MYSQL, E-Mail .... etc... and it costs us nothing more no matter how much we use. So why should it cost you more to have a certain number of them? It shouldn't, so when you go to another web host, ask them why its not unlimited, the most common excuse is bandwidth resources. Well, we figure that you're going to use it anyway, so why not give the customer as many as he wants, so then he can really get what he paid for.

    Support: Live through IRC, AOL, YAHOO, MSN, ICQ, CHATROOM

    Monthly Price $10.00Paypal
    Quarterly Price $28.00Paypal
    Semi-Annually Price $54.00Paypal
    Annually Price $100.00Paypal

    Anyone intrested in these specs, but have questions, can post here, e-mail [email protected], MSN [email protected], or phone 16107976770 (remibursed for long distant charges)

    Anyone intrested in these plans and want to buy please click the paypal link next to the amount.

    Joshua Brown
    Executive Sales Director of

    OTHER PLANS!!!!!!
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    Your webpage looks amazingly similar to's...

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    yes they are similar, his is the blue one, if you look at the bbpowernet corporate site, which is my network as well, you could see that they are the exact same,

    those are templates that you can buy


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    oic - the template looks nice

    You have quite a nice special going on. I might consider it. Best of luck with your new hosting services. Hope I didn't offend you with the similar template comment.

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    i should also mention, that you mention this forum, and you DO get the extra 20% preferred partner discount.


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    i should also mention that we host the very popular if that helps any

    They are very satisfied customers.

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    we also provide support through every way imaginable.

    aol, icq, yahoo, msn
    irc, own chat room
    support ticket help desk.

    sorry, i just keep thinking of all of the wonderful things we provide.

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    This offer is only good for 24 hours, so act quick!

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    already 13 people signed up!

    could you be next?

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    well we are up to 22 people who got this plan.

    i can only except 8 more. are you going to be one of those 8?

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    Why don't you just put that all in one post?

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    you know what ... i asked at least 10 people how to do that ... it wont let me delete the excess posts.

    so i dunno

    any mods that can help?

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