phpLetter, a new newsletter management and creation script, has entered it's beta stage of creation.

phpLetter is a powerful tool that enables websites running on PHP and MySQL enabled servers to manage multiple newsletters and easily send them off. No advertisements, no spam, just what YOU want your subscribers to see.

Hosting companies can use newsletters to hook potential clients and update them on special offers and what not. As well newsletters can be used to keep a hosting company's members updated on things such as possible downtime, new features, and the such.

phpLetter is in it's beta stage, so we're going to be giving away *very cheap* copies of the beta version (which have been tested and work with versions of PHP 3+ and MySQL 3+). Once phpLetter has entered it's final stage and is ready for release, all people who own the beta version will get a free copy of the final release which will be full of handy new functions.

phpLetter can be purchased for only $7.00! People who purchase phpLetter get 20% off all future purchases from GEcho Designs!

Once bought, you will receive free updates and support for as long as GEcho Designs exists!

The final release will cost $15.00 for those who don't already own the beta version, so purchase a copy of the beta for less than half off while you can!

Please send an email to [email protected] for more information.

[red]A working demo can be seen here - - username "demo", password "demo".[/red]