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    So i was taking a look at whmcs billing system's website, I really don't know much about it, and I read that you sell these licenses to customers? Maybe i misunderstood. But if this is correct, can someone clarify what it means by selling the licenses to customers from WHMCS?

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    It probably means that you can resell WHMCS licences to your own hosting customers for a profit. For example, KnownHost sell WHMCS licenses for $5 per month.

    However you'd have to be dealing in a high volume to be able to be a reseller of WHMCS (AFAIK)
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    Most companies provide WHMCS free with their reseller hosting packages by this solution.
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    I still don't understand how some newer companies offer it for free. To get a good "tier" (lower price) on WHMCS it take a big time selling...

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