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    Need a Host Manager

    Ok, this will sound like a wierd offer, but bear with me.

    I need someone to run our hosting division of WebAuthorities. The site is Your job would be to manage the servers, get clients, do support and anything else related to the site.

    I have one other person helping me with this now, so in a sense you, him and WebAuthorities would be partners in this venture.

    Below you will find some specific information. What I'm looking for is someone who is a reseller and knows what they are doing. I would prefer someone who has less than 25 accounts that they have resold...not that someone with 26 or more will be overlooked.

    What I offer is this. We (WebAuthorities) takes control of your hosting business then pays your to run ours. You would be paid as a contractor but I am more than willing to sign a contract stating that if at ANY time you feel like your being screwed you get your original client base back. When things get rolling HH will have around 70 clients WITHOUT your's. (forming a corp with you me and this other guy would be a major pain)

    There are a few other perks, such as buying the company if it gets big and other stuff, but contact me for the details.

    If you are intersted in this offer the e-mail me at [email protected].

    Here is what you get:
    + Total control (with the approval of the other guy and WebAuthorities) to do whatever you want. Create packages, modify the packages we have to offer, etc.

    + No cost hosting. Read above.

    + 25% of whatever the business makes.

    What we expect from you:
    + Actively working on the site.

    + Aquiring clients (listing HH on the hosting search engines)

    + Fully supporting existing clients

    + Knowledge of the hosting industry, general knowledge of Red Hat, knowledge of H-Sphere Control Panel

    What we are looking for:
    + A go getter (so to speak)

    + Prefer someone who is an existing reseller who doesn't have their own dedicated server.

    + A trustworthy person

    + Someone in the US (sorry, we need to be able to call and talk)

    + Someone who is not currently a client of ours. (obviously this isn't required, but it would be nice)
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    Hey Mike! Didnt know you was on this board. Me and a friend registered with a company but it sucked and we went with you back in like 1999 under and we really enjoyed your service, and we was gonna go back to you but couldnt get the money and left it be. Id have to say if i chose a host i only have two prefereds its you and one other!

    Ill read over your stuff later and see if I can help any

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