***Host it Planet new website design***
We are looking for Website designs for our website to kick off the new summer.

These can be from different designers so please read.

What we Offer,
If your design is chosen,
you will receive 5 years of hosting full options for free,
(you would get basically an unlimited account. for your efforts!and more!)
you will be advertised in our New ad campaigns
you will be included in our Featured ads section in our monthly newsletter.
Featured ads in our directory for 5 years, and a site wide links at the footer of our site.
Our servers are fast we have duo cores and our load on the servers are low as we try not to overload or oversell them.

Also if we like your work We may request to hire you on call or maybe longterm for our bigger clients.

We have been hosting since 2003 and just went public last May and now just started a new ad campaigns that will last till the end of the year.

we need:
A coded site, if you only make two pages thats fine,
we want something basic like hostgator. but better.
easy layout and you may use our sites files and pics.

We are looking for easy surfing for customers as we will be offering more than hosting in the future.
we need room for our testimonials, ads 120x400, Clientside featured websites.

we will be offering services worldwide so think big and lets see what happens!

you can download our psd files upon request.

we would like to stick around the same colors.

We request that you contact us via pm or here

We will be accepting until 05/20/08
you will be contacted for further information.

Thank you.