Hello, I am looking for an one time task or an job as i need some money urgently. Please contact me if you need server work, anything done. I really need money to support my family right now as i am out a job right now while im waiting for my job interview person to contact me.

My name is Andrew Stokes, And I am looking to be hired as a Admin or a Support,
Billing type of person. Below you can read about me and my qualifications. This
is very organized. I can work from 3:30pm-10:00pm on the weekdays and 12pm-12am
on the weekends. As you can see, My resume is attached to this email.

About me:
I am in the United States; I am over 18 years of age, being in my 26's. I have a
lot of experience, knowledge and ideas and suggestions that can result in a
stable and secure web hosting service, with low to no risk of security or load
issues, and have developed configurations/settings and various solutions to
accomplish this with good success. If you are a serious host and know what you
need and are considering my services, Please email me at
[email protected] or via msn messenger [email protected], Also I am
looking to be hired as an admin or billing and support staff. I am used to the
system's Modernbill and Kayako eSupport or Supportsuite. I can work from
3:30pm-10:00pm on the weekdays and 12pm-12am on the weekends.

My Qualifications:
I have over 5 years experience as a systems administrator, billing, and support
(level 1, 2 and 3) for web hosting providers. I have acted as Sr. admin and
co-owner, and billing and support for some companies and am able to work on my
own or in a team environment. My primary focus and experience is on Linux,
Redhat, Redhat Enterprise (RHEL), Fedora and CentOS.

I have experience with cPanel/WHM. In fact, I am your general cPanel/WHM admin whom has just "used" the interface, in other words I am very experienced with it I am very excellent with providing support help via live chat, via modernbill or
helpdesk and sales via helpdesk or live chat.

My experience with interfaces, tools, programs and protocols are too broad to
list, but cover all the common services in cPanel/WHM, I can fix pretty much all
the problems and much more, I am considered as a cPanel/WHM super experienced
support tech..

I am comfortable providing level 1, 2, 3, (admin) support via email, live chat,
forums, modernbill, ticket/helpdesk interfaces, AIM, ICQ, etc., by working with
a team, or being a team leader.

I am a serious and dedicated, and loyal contractor/employee and wish to get into
a long term position where I can help the company grow and be more successful. I
desire a stable relationship with a company that has a good head on its
collective shoulders (not people with their head in the clouds or worse).

You can contact me using the information below
You May PM Me on WHT Too if you can't email me.
My Msn Messenger id is: [email protected]
My Aim is LogixStokes
My Email is [email protected]

Andrew Stokes