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    General Issues

    Ok I'm starting this thread becuase for a while i'm been wondering the steps of creating a webhosting company. I do have some knowlegde of what goes on behind the scenes, but i looking for more indepth coverage. I'm not looking for anyone to sit down right here and explain the whole proccess to me, but perhpas links to pages that might better answer my questions. For instace i'm in Highschool and i'm a 12th Grader.. I'm quite fluent in computers and know a decent amount about Visual Basic and a few other programming lanquages. I'm looking for perhaps ideas of classes that i could take at the local community college to better adapt myself to running a webhosting company. I'm planning to attend college for some sort of Computer Engineering or Computer Sciences. Like i said before i'm just looking for something to point me in the right direction.


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    Don't get stuck into what many here think. Webhosting = computer training/knowledge. Web hosting is more about business. I would suggest you focus on business.

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    I have to agree with UmBillyCord on this one, Business classes are your best bet. The vast majority of new hosts havenít a clue on what it takes to successfully run a company.

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    Definitely business, i would say that is what i have learnt the most about since starting my company. I was taking A Level business studies at the time and they helped each other out, what i learnt in one was passed on to the other. I ended up with an A in business studies and my hosting company is doing pretty well 2

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    I think what OC12 wants to know is the network end of the business. Say if you were to setup your own center, how would you go about it? what equipment, switches, routers, blades, packetsavers, firewalls, etc...But as far as taking computer classes, I would agree with you guyes, its completely useless. Business is what it comes down to.

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