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    Link Directly To Products

    I am searching for a shopping cart that can be used with Paypal and can allow me to link directly to products on pages that have already been designed.

    That is, link to a product's images, descriptions, etc, on the custom pages from the shopping cart's database.

    I am hoping there is an open source shopping cart script that can easily allow for this.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Hi NelsonN,

    Have you looked at Zen Cart, Ubercart, or osCommerce yet? They are all open source carts that may work for you. I know osCommerce easily integrates with PayPal.

    What are you selling?

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    I haven't tried OsCommerce but I have it uploaded. I haven't been able to get a simple answer to my questions. I am trying not to setup something that will not do what I want from the start.

    Here is what I need. Once the items are in the OsCommerce database, for example, can I have those items linked on a page that has nothing to do with the regular pages of OsCommerce itself. The customers want their websites to look unique and not like a regular OsCommerce site. They have paid for a design of their website and they need to maintain the look/experience throughout.

    Maybe I am doing a poor job of explaining myself?

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    You might take a look at Its not open source but its great for building a site with your own look and feel and the cart separately.

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    Thanks. I'll look into this one.

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