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    Admingeekz review... (security / server management firm)

    As a longtime member around these parts, I've had the opportunity to use the services of a lot of different companies. Whether it be dedicated providers, software developers and in this specific case -- server administration / management. I have had the opportunity to work with Scott of Admingeekz over the course of the past few months. He's provided me with server optimization, security and most importantly prompt, effective communication.

    Link to Admingeekz: Admingeekz

    I'll detail the pros, cons & downsides below.

    I started working with Scott for system administrative needs a few months back for a few one-off jobs, sorting issues that I simply either didn't have time to manage or couldn't handle by my lonesome. The first few times I've used Admingeekz went off without a hitch and so I began delving deeper into their services & recently had an emergency that I had Scott deal with..

    Admingeekz Pros:
    The pros of admingeekz are instantly obvious the moment you start using them. The team there is attentive, thorough and most of all they're not just robots. Not only will they handle the job but in almost every case they'll make recommendations, outpour some criticism and overall ensure that they're not just taking care of the issue at hand but rather going out of their way for all of your needs.

    Pricingwise, I expected to be paying a lot more for the service that Scott & co. are offering. Not only are they inexpensive but they offer a 10% discount for return clients -- something that has continued to bring me back, not only because of the service but because I'm a cheapskate.

    Communication, Scott is really on top of things. Frequent updates during the job being performed, effective communication and most of all friendly to work with.

    Thoroughness: Admingeekz gets the job done and goes well beyond what's necessary in a lot of cases. Scott handled an emergency for me just yesterday and with most companies you just expect an 'okay, complete'. Scott went above and beyond and sent me a thorough detailed list of issues that he noted on the system, along with an exceptionally precise list of things he had done. Gorgeous, what we need as company owners.

    Admingeekz downsides:
    Now the downside... and admittedly, they're nasty.
    The only downside to admingeekz is that you won't be satisfied anywhere else after you've worked with Scott & co. Not only are they attentive, thorough and fast -- but they know their security, administration and optimization. It will be nearly impossible for me to be satisfied by another security company at this point.

    Keep up the great work Scott & thanks for spending hours working with me!
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    I've been with Scott & co for around 4 times now, in fact I have an open ticket which was just resolved yesterday.

    I've used AdminGeekz for trouble shooting database problems, http problems, etc and Scott has always resolved anything I've thrown his way.

    I've been woken up at 4AM due to server issues, and Scott replied practically instantly (and I'm pretty sure we're in the same time zone)!

    Professional. Fast. Cheap. Knowledgeable.

    May I also add; I've been with other firms before, including SeeksAdmin, so I know what the market is like, and nothing compares to Admin Geekz.
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    Ouch those downsides sound really, really nasty.

    Thanks for the review guys, pleasure working with you.
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