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    Modernbill 5 assistance needed

    We are looking for somebody who can help us upgrade to Modernbill 5 from Modernbill 4. We need somebody who can help us install it and then help us with migration and also answer our technical or how-to questions.

    Please, PM if interested.
    Alex Benko - Sales and marketing - web hosting, open source developement and support - WHM Windows client for WHM/CPanel server

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    Pm sent, Please Check.

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    Modern Advisors is a proven resource offering a multitude of ModernBill related services. We offer turn-key migration services, and consultation services to follow. Please visit us at and let us know how we can make your billing easier!
    Stephen Preissler
    Modern Advisors - A Certified Plesk Billing Reseller

    We offer Plesk Billing Licenses, Configuration, Migrations, Consultation & Customization

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