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    Question Serious problem while fetching quota


    I am receiving the following cpanel error (towards the left hand side column) when I login into an account:

    Disk Space Usage Serious problem while fetching quota data (quota): Bad file descriptor (0) Megabytes.

    I still don't know what went wrong all of a sudden. I did run /scripts/fixquotas through shell but that didn't fix anything either. Here are the errors I got from there:

    Installing Default Quota Databases...../var/tmp/aquota.user..../var/tmp/quota.user.....Done
    WARNING!!! Backup dir is set to /. Unexpected results may occur!!!!
    Quotas are now on
    touch: cannot touch `/var/tmp/quota.user': No such file or directory
    touch: cannot touch `/var/tmp/aquota.user': No such file or directory
    Resetting quota for cptest to 550 M
    No filesystems with quota detected
    It's a VPS. Please help.

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    Seems to be an issue with the quota feature of the partition. Check if the usrquota is turned on for the partition in fstab.
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    Hello David,

    This is whats inside my etc/fstab:

    none /dev/pts devpts rw 0 0
    /tmp /var/tmp ext3 defaults,bind,noauto $
    Are these values correct?

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    Anyone? My host (surfspeedy) has refused to provide any support for it and I am stuck.

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    Paste the entire contents of /etc/fstab or were those two lines it? :|
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    Yes, thats all it has in fstab.

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